"Organize We Must!"

-Minch Yoda
Star Wars Series

Everyday The Humanist Association of Mid TN helps connect members with similar interests and qualities.

Let's work together

Why US?


Humanism has many definitions penned by numerous luminaries. A Google search will lead you to several, some of which attempt to divide Humanists into several sub-categories.

About The Humanist Association of Middle Tennessee

We are a group of dedicated humanists and secularists who intend to provide a way to change the status quo.  It involves learning what being a human is besides being an economic slave in a system which deifies money and encourages greed.

What We do

The key idea is to connect like minded people together.  We create a proper forum for that and provide you the right atmosphere to make the connection, exchange ideas/thoughts/feelings/issues/etc. 

What are you waiting for?

Join the Humanist Movement!